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Our travel picks: The best places to visit in July

Have you got that it's-almost-summer feeling? We sure do. Regardless of the weather forecasts, our winter coats and woolly jumpers are packed away for the year and we're stocking up on over-sized sunglasses and factor 30. And we're not the only on...

Flights / Posts - 1 year ago

14 ways you’re paying too much for your travels

When it comes to going on holiday, we all have our own idea of the perfect getaway. Yet, whether you are sunbathing or sight-seeing, we probably all have one thing in common: we spend more than we actually need to on our travels. Making really simple...

Flights / Posts - 1 year ago

Cheap and free things to do in Buenos Aires

Long considered the “Paris of South America”, Buenos Aires boasts a unique combination of Latin flair with a European feel, that can be seen in many of its neighbourhoods and buildings. It definitely owns a place on everybody’s South America bucket l...